IVR Systems (Interactive Voice Response)

Interactive Voice Response, is a technology that simply automates interactions with customer calls.  It is a simple and effective and will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency within any company.

The utilization of this technology is becoming more and more popular as many companies begin to see the possibilities and advantages inherent in the feature’s use. Aside from reducing costs and allotting better time management, IVR can be used advantageously in a number of different ways. 

Major Advantages of using Interactive Voice Response.

1)Ease and Accessibility

Though companies may even find it intimidating to switch to a new automated system, subscription IVR hosting plans help to simplify the process. With these hosting plans, companies of all sizes can take advantage of all the benefits without having to worry about the technical aspect, hardware costs, and computing budgets.

2)Better  Customer  Service

Although the impersonalization of a machine may be initially offsetting to some, it ultimately allots for more direct, specific, and thorough customer service. Through utilizing IVR systems, customers feel that they are being better attended to. If customers are calling with specific questions, the automation can generate quick responses that are informative, as well as time efficient.

3)Unlimited Customer Access

IVR systems are always available to customers regardless of time or day. While office hours, holidays, and breaks dictate and limit employee availability, IVR systems are always at the customer’s disposal. Although the prospect of dealing with automations may again seem off-putting to some, these systems are available, even when a live representative is not. Therefore, customers can receive service whenever they need it.

4)Collect information about your callers

IVRs collect information about your customer’s needs and will transfer calls to the most appropriate agent or department depending on their IVR input. When calls are directed to agents using technology, the probability that the caller will be transferred to the wrong agent or department will be significantly reduced.

5)Create a Better Company Image

IVR systems again account for a lot for personalization and customer service; however, they also create a better impression on customers. Smaller companies, as well as home based companies, can create a bigger and more professional image by using automated systems.

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