Bringing order to the sales process with cloud telephony

The real estate market is largely unorganised. The entire sales funnel and the customer communication is highly fragmented. Even in the case of large builders and real estate developers, there is not much emphasis on the customer communication process. As a result, a lot of leads get lost in the clutter. Cloud telephony can organise that for you and bring order to the process.

1)Streamlined customer communication

Linking your customer support and customer communication number to Hello IVR means you can have a single streamlined platform for calls and SMS. You can add multiple agents and brokers to your account and transfer calls to them based on the user’s input. All the callers will be greeted with a professional IVR greeting. No call aka potential customer will be lost in the clutter. Every single call answered and missed with be tracked in the system.

2)Targeted promotions

Using SMS, you can run targeted marketing campaigns to relevant customers instead of sharing everything with everyone.

3)Measured marketing spends

Most real estate ads have a phone number which is the call to action of the advertisement. Using different virtual numbers on ads helps you figure the medium that delivers the best ROI for your spends.