Hello IVR enables you to effectively track, retain and push leads or enquiries through a pre-defined route. From the time the lead enters your Hello IVR Leads Software system, all its information is captured – physical location, contact details, names, where the lead originally came from and more. This lead then becomes subject to a particular process which you can define within your organization for it – it may go to a pre-qualified who will then hand it off to a senior representative to close. Or it may go into an incubation cycle for a period of time you specify. Think for the best possible way to handle your lead and Hello IVR is there to do that for its customers. At present, we have come forward with lead management solutions for Telemarketing Lead Management, Automotive Lead Management and Trade Show Lead Management. Now let us work for you!

Control your Calls

Hello IVR enables the client to have full control of the systems. You can yourself select the virtual numbers to be integrated, can map executives according to your requirements and view the call details like calls recorded audio clip, no. from which the call was received, time and date etc.

Track your Calls

With Hello IVR, you can track all your calls in an efficient manner. You can track the call details like no., date, time etc. You can also check whether the call has been disconnected or is still in process.

Easy of Recording Calls

We also provide the facility of getting the call recorded so that the owner can check out all the calls attended by the executives. Call gets recorded automatically once its’ picked up by the executive.

Click to Call

This service assures to transform the website visitors to forthcoming customers. We provide the APIs to our clients which can be integrated on their website as per their wish and which helps the customer to contact/ voice call the required department.

Call Analytics

Hello IVR uses a set of call management tools to assess & measure the performance and optimize the handling of leads. Owner of the IVR system can use the call analytic for improving the quality of services offered by them, risk minimization, etc.

Real Time Notifications

No fake notification, no spam calls. With IVR you can rest assured of these things. As we have genuine and real clients, hence the notifications that get received by the owners present a valid and useful data.

Welcome Message

We also provide personalized welcome message recorded specifically for our clients so that when some customer calls on their virtual number, they get greeted by that Welcome Message.

Data Synchronization

The IVR software also provides the functionality of data synchronization to the owner so that he can access the data via mobile as well. The software application can be used on the phone.