Education & Cloud telephony

Education has seen a wave of change over the last few years with institutions both old and new adopting technology to improve their processes.There is also a significant change in the way students are learning with the advent of ed tech or education technology. Brands like Vedantu are revolutionising the learning process.

Here are a few ways in which education can use cloud telephony to their benefit:

1)Better handling of enquiries during the admission rush 

educational institutions always receive a lot of calls during the admission process. The traditional way to deal with this rush is to engage or employ someone to ensure all the queries are answered. But this is both an expensive and a non-scalable solution. By using cloud telephony, institutes can understand the purpose of a call over IVR and answer queries with minimal human intervention. The other advantage of this process is also that no prospective parent’s information is lost.

2)Improved parent communication 

Institutes can use SMS to keep parents updated about essential happenings in the school. They can also share reports and confidential student information over SMS.

3)Improved student 

mentor communication – during the event of shaky internet connections, students can connect with their mentors over a call without having to interrupt the calls. These calls can be recorded and shared with the students for future reference as well.