Helping customers streamline customer interactions

The Information Technology Services & Product companies have found a great alliance in Hello IVR cloud telephony solution. They’re able to innovate & build better products by integrating Hello IVR’s Voice & SMS capabilities. In addition, they also use Hello to streamline their own customer conversations.

 1)Integrating Exotel into apps, websites 
Integrating Exotel is an easy way to build communication capabilities (calls, SMS) into the apps or websites you’re developing.
2)Streamlining customer communication 
Setting up a simple customer support number using Exotel takes less than 30 mins. All calls are recorded, no calls are missed, and callers receive assistance via a professional IVR greeting.
3)Custom integrations 
Exotel can also be integrated into your customers’ CRM/ERP. This consolidates all the customer information including communication records in a single platform.