Reducing losses by improving first attempt delivery rates

Third party logistics industry is growing at a rapid pace in India. According to a report, third party logistics (or 3PL as it’s called) industry is expected to touch 48,000 crores by 2019. For the players in the logistics industry, time equals money. The 3PL business is a highly competitive one due to low margins and high competition in the market. Improving operational efficiency is one of the key ways to gain competitive advantage.

1)Increase in first attempt delivery rates

Hello IVR can help you confirm the customer’s presence with a simple SMS or automated call. We have seen that including this as a part of your standard operating procedure improves your first attempt delivery rates by upto 18%.

2)Reduction of manual efforts 

 By automating calls & SMS to confirm customer’s presence, or to confirm delivery or even to collect feedback, you can reduce human intervention which reduced manual efforts by to 63%.

3)Safeguarding customer privacy 

When you connect delivery personnel with your customers via Hello IVR, there is no real for either party’s phone number to be revealed. This process of number anonymisation or number masking helps save customer privacy. A study recently revealed that a simple act like this also improves the brand perception in the eyes of the customer.

4)Real time tracking of deliveries and inventory 

Once a delivery is done or a reverse pick up is completed, the delivery agents can update the status of the action in real-time. This can happen over a simple IVR based phone call and doesn’t need internet connectivity. This works seamlessly even in places where internet connectivity is flaky.

5)Saving operational efforts on call reimbursements 

when calls are routed via Hello IVR, you can save efforts on manual reimbursements for calls made by your agents. This is saves time, cost and the eliminates the possibility of misuse of company phone numbers.