Business Phone System applications for Job Consultancies, Recruitment Industry

The manual processes involved in hiring makes it a very time consuming and workforce heavy process. While phone screening can not and should not be eliminated, it is possible to use the workforce in a more efficient manner via automations. Cloud telephony plays an important role in facilitating this.

1)Easy job application via missed call 

a missed call is an easy way to apply for a job. Especially for blue collar workers, it is easy technology that doesn’t require anything more than a simple mobile phone.

2)Safeguarding applicant <> employer privacy 

Using Hello IVR, it is possible to connect applicants and employers without revealing either person’s phone number. In the case of recruitment platforms, this also helps keep the conversation within the platform thereby making it trackable. This is also a foolproof method of tracking all the leads being passed on to an employer.

3)Analysing interviews via call recordings 

When phone screenings and interviews are recorded, it becomes a good source of analysis for both the parties involved to understand areas of improvement. It also helps interviewers arrive at a decision by playing back conversations.

4)Measuring marketing ROI 

You can use different virtual numbers (Exophones) across various media. Depending on the response, you can arrive at the medium that works the best for you.

5)Professional customer support line 

A simple IVR greeting and smart call routing system can divert calls to the right teams and the right recruiters based on the user’s input.