Hello IVR is lead identification software that helps you to assemble information and compute how many calls are being received and made for your organization. Through the lead identification software you get in touch with to your potential clientele who visit your website that is helpful for you follow up with them promptly and efficiently. Lead identification software is a form of software that is important for all companies, because lead identification tool not only capture leads but also gives you a setup of tools to manage your business leads. It is must for investigate the trends for making valuable method to generate more revenues and ROI. Whenever lead providers requests to send leads via email that time you are facing more problems to manage same leads. But if you have Hello IVR- lead identification software then no questions on same trouble. We offer email parsing service, in this system your sales leads flow into the Hello IVR software in real time, automatically so that our software can tell you, “You’ve Received Leads”.