Powering growing businesses – Restaurants & Food delivery

Cloud telephony is provides F&B and food tech companies a seamless way to integrate customer communication into their offerings.Operationally, you can automate tasks that are repetitive in nature freeing up time for your frontend and support staff.

Here are some of the most popular applications of cloud telephony in Hotels & Restaurants:

1)Order confirmation/Reservation confirmation – When a customer places an order for delivery or reserves a table, you can confirm this by sending an SMS to the customer.

2)Personalise customer experience – you can integrate your CRM with the phone system and personalise your customer experience. Before you pick up a call, you will have information about the customer who is calling in, their previous order details, etc.

3)Professional call handling you can play an IVR greeting, transfer calls to the right outlet based on the caller’s input or location, give them information about the specials for the day, etc. without investing in manual workforce.

4)Maintain customer privacy – you can connect your delivery personnel with your customers without divulging either party’s phone number. For example, Swiggy uses Hello IVR’s number anonymisation or number masking solution to connect delivery agents with customers.