E-commerce & Cloud telephony

E-commerce, with its high requirement to keep customers engaged, is one of the verticals that is best served by cloud telephony. With dwindling customer loyalty and increased customer acquisition costs, every brand needs to think of what sets them apart from the growing tribe of e-commerce companies. Most often, the answer is “personalised customer engagement.”

Here are a few ways in which cloud telephony can help e-commerce companies:

1)A personalized customer experience :

when you integrate your cloud telephony system to your CRM, your entire customer experience can be personalised. And here’s how:

2)Order status updates :

when a customer orders on your website, you can keep them informed at every stage about the status of your orders using SMS.

3)Automated feedback system :

you can use automated calls or automated bulk SMS to understand how your customers feel about the entire shopping experience. This feedback becomes your basis for process improvement.

4)Helpful IVR :

when a customer calls your support number, your IVR can be devised to help the customer instead of taking them in circles.

5)Relevant promotions :

based on a customer’s actions on the website (abandoned cart, incomplete purchases, shopping trends), you will be able to send promotional SMS to your customers as well. This kind of personalized marketing promotions results in a better response rate.